Seven Keys to Our Success

triangle1. Seventy Five Years of Combined Experience

  • Utilizing valuable lessons learned along the way
  • Identifying and experiencing the ‘trends’
    • Design, construction, maintenance
    • Operations, marketing, services
    • Increasing expectations of the customers
    • Trends in equipment, instruction, retail
    • Tournaments
    • Managing through several cycles in the economy


2. Experience with Private, Resort and Daily Fee Operations

  • Develop and Implement all types of Membership Strategies
  • Promote Marketing Alliances with Resorts and all forms of Tee-time usage agreements.
  • Operate and promote the daily fee experience on the highest of levels
  • Focus on value regardless of price point

3. Roots in the Golf Business Not the Business of Golf

  • Executive Team has been directly involved in all facets of the golf operation
  • Sole focus on golf course development and management
  • Successful individual profit centers within each golf operation
  • Limit our efforts to our expertise leaving the residential and resort management to our friends or partners in those respective industries.

4. Comprehensive Development and Management Services

  • Understanding and executing of all aspects of the business as a golf course developer and owner as well as a third-party management perspective

5. Innovative Management and Marketing Programs

  • Creative themes in conjunction with development projects
  • Unique loyalty programs
  • Progressive marketing
    • Creative advertising
    • Diligent networking
    • Maximizing public relations opportunities
  • Establishing new trends and levels for customer service
  • Utilization of technology and systems to enhance service and improve management controls (GPS, Internet Marketing, Point of Sale, Social Networking etc.)

6. Big Company Structure & Small Company Culture

  • Standard Operating Procedures for all operational areas
  • Sophistication of Financial Reporting
  • Employee Leasing Program
  • Centralized Accounting
  • Privately owned by Executive Team
  • Hands-on approach by management
  • Employee friendly culture

7. Providing Leadership – For Today and Tomorrow

  • Our Executive Team understands employee issues from direct operational experience
  • Our corporate growth plan and consistency offers incentives for employees to advance their careers
  • Extensive in-house training
  • Proven ability to recruit top talent from the outside