Golf Course Marketing


Integrity Golf Company’s marketing team works in conjunction with each golf course general manager to establish and execute strategies to increase patronage and revenue. Technical support offered through Integrity Golf Company includes:

  •  Yield Management: Tee management, utilization, revenue development
  •  Leisure Sales: Networking/reservations, travel club, leisure marketing, affinity programs
  •  Group Sales: Tournaments, catering, national accounts, merchandise
  •  Advertising/Communications: Advertising, printing, brochures, public relations
  •  Player Development: Golf schools, group lessons, junior golf and women’s golf leagues
  •  Database Development: Customer collection, market research, loyalty programs

Integrity Golf Company’s marketing team employs a number of programs which, used together, produce a successful marketing plan. We complete a competitive course assessment, generate a market and tourism study, perform a product positioning analysis and review the golf course’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). These efforts allow the identification of target customer segments and the development of marketing strategies and tactical plans to capture the desired customer segments. Integrity Golf Company has extensive marketing experience and has in place programs that heighten awareness of our golf clubs.