Golf Course Management Services


Golf is our business and passion. Integrity Golf Company uses industry experience, expertise and time-tested practices to provide clients with strategic plans for developing the facilities they have long envisioned. We ensure each plan becomes a reality in a cost-effective manner, while at the same time taking all appropriate measures to maximize profit and avoid common financial pitfalls that plague unsuccessful businesses.

Integrity Golf Company understands that there is more to creating great golf courses than simply maintaining pristine turf. Golf clubs must have dedicated leadership that concentrates on the details of day-to-day operations, while at the same time focusing on the overall strategic direction and objectives of the club.

Integrity Golf Company provides a complete range of golf-club management and consulting services. We have the experience and expertise to manage both economics and agronomy, to provide knowledge on the intricacies of selecting quality food and beverage services, to recruit and train talented professionals.