Company Mission


Integrity Golf Company has as its mission to offer superior service to our carefully-selected group of clients, including public daily-fee courses, resorts and private facilities. The Integrity Golf Company plan is to grow in a strategic, responsible and thoughtful manner that considers the needs of each and every property we service. We recognize that being the “biggest” doesn’t always translate to being the “best.” We want to be the best.

We take pride in the way we develop and manage each individual facility. We realize that each golf course needs its own identity. We tailor business, operations and marketing plans to the specific needs of each course. Our proactive approach ensures that our services meet and exceed our constantly-rising business standards, including guest satisfaction, responsible expense management and increased revenues.

Attentive Golf Management

Integrity Golf Company’s attentive, hands-on management of every aspect of the golf experience remains the heart and soul of our reputation, distinguishing us from other golf-course management companies. We don’t just work for our clients; we work with them to ensure the best formula for success at each individual facility. We believe in capital investment in our properties, and have completed significant improvements and expansion at our courses.